"Hail, hail the gang's all here!"

 The Official Transcript of

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The Ancient Theological

All-Stars Reunion


Renowned Theologians, Speakers, and Clerics Brought Back from the Dead for this Once in Forever Event!


Eyewitness Accounts of Hospitality Room Brawls!


Church Council Highlights Over the Centuries!



Faith Without Creeds is Dead!


Free Admission To Workshops by Church Fathers and Other Really Smart People!

With Special Guests!

The Apostles including Paul! Church Fathers Athanasius, Arius, Tertullian, Origen and others. Emperor Constantine himself and cameo appearances by John Calvin, Lewis Carroll, and many others.


Fascinating Workshops!

It’s Greek to me!

A Panel Discussion

The Need to Weed

Separating Tares from Wheat in the Modern Era


The Parables Jesus Forgot to Teach

Why We Need Our Own Parables

Is Tradition The First Commandment?

If You Have to Ask, You Must be crazy!

Don’t Worry About a Thing God!

We Got This!

Register Online at

Dogma R US.com/All Stars Reunion

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