Caesar’s New Palace

Caesar’s New Palace

Where to Have the Reunion?

Finding a nice location for the All Stars Reunion was a real challenge! Some of the organizers pressed for a low cost option like a Holiday Inn near Milwaukee. Sadly, and to the great disappointment of those theologians who enjoyed a few beers now and then, they just couldn’t generate much enthusiasm for the idea. Others thought that Constantine’s old palace would be a great choice but it was in ruins and underwater and try as they might no one could think of a good way around that!

Constantine Built a New Palace in Las Vegas!

Finally, after weeks of looking, one of the search committee members shouted, “Eureka! I’ve found it! Caesar has built a new palace in a place called Las Vegas and it looks perfect! Lots of rooms, food like I’ve never seen before, drinks, fountains, statues everywhere and pretty girls to wait on us! It has a nice big hall where we can meet and something they call a sound system so we don’t even have to shout to be heard!”

We’d Have Our Names Up in Lights!

Needless to say the excitement was off the charts! No one paid any attention at all to the simpletons who claimed the place didn’t really belong to Caesar. We knew better! Besides, it was available and we could book it directly through Caesar’s own servants. When we let them know that we were close associates of the Emperor himself things started moving right along! They even told us we were going to have our names up in lights along with a whole slew of famous magicians, illusionists and entertainers! What could be better than that? We knew we were going to feel right at home in Las Vegas. Sometimes it’s just wonderful the way things work out when you are right smack dab in the middle of God’s will!

Copyright 2021 by Bob Shutes


  1. I love the play on the past and the present with the location being at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vagas. I am looking forward to seeing how this little story plays out.

  2. Good to hear from you John. Sorry for the long delay in getting back to you! I thought I had posted a comment but just learning the ropes of the website.

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