Why Publish This Website?

The distorted lens of archaic dogma that has been imposed on the Body of Christ makes it nearly impossible to get a clear vision of God and His Son Jesus Christ.  A highly educated Orthodox Bishop once acknowledged this to me by saying, “In my mind (the trinity) is a vague nebulousness. I can’t understand it but I believe it.”  The difficulty of seeing God through a lens of incomprehensible theology is the reason for this website.

Before the days of creeds and councils, dogmas, denominations and traditional theology there was “primitive” Christianity. No one knew anything about a hypostatic union, homoousious or a Trinity of three divine persons but they did know Jesus and they changed the world. The faith that was once entrusted to the saints proclaimed Jesus Christ as Messiah and Son of God. Unfortunately, that faith has gone from entrusted to encrusted… with theological traditions that obscure more than they reveal.

The purpose and mission of Theology Allstars is to offer people a clear vision of Jesus Christ unencumbered by the Platonic philosophy and tortured logic that lies at the core of trinitarian thought. There are many souls who hunger for something more biblical and understandable.  We proclaim a straightforward Biblical approach declaring the God of Israel as the only true God and Jesus Christ as His uniquely and miraculously begotten Son. This view is not only comprehensible and believable, it is deeply satisfying.The world has already had more than enough trinitarian thought. Now it is time for something better. There is much better bread to cast upon the waters and that is what we intend to do.

This website will challenge you to look at Jesus through the lens of scripture, no more and no less. I hope our offering will bless you, make you smile, and help you see Him more clearly. You might just decide that scripture IS enough after all.

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