Artist and Essayist – Greg Hallback

A personal word from Greg,

I come to this project humbly asking anyone who will to please read on. It wasn’t all that long ago that most would have thought I came with an air of arrogance based on my love of philosophy. It has only been recently that I realized I was driving theological wedges into the Body of Christ. Dusty theological arguments were my playing field until it finally dawned on me that the more theological I became the further I was from the simple Christian home I grew up in. Now that I’ve grown older and younger than I was back then I can with good humor poke fun at myself. I would like all that read on to laugh with me at our religious foibles as I pray to become the kind of primitive Christian that I ought to be.

PS:  Greg’s essays can be found on our companion website  He didn’t mention it here but the portraits that adorn our home page are his artwork!

Bob Shutes

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